Real Estate God’s Way Masterclass

Real Estate God's Way


Learn How to Find Real Estate Deals 

Without Using Your Own Money

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1. Why the opportunity is now

No matter what your background or profession…

Real estate is a great vehicle to grow your active and passive income.

I’ll share how you can get started in real estate and starting finding and doing deals without using your own cash or owning real estate.

You’ll also learn the “5 Must Have Kingdom Money Mindsets” necessary to…

Build generational wealth and create more financial, time, and location freedom

2. Marketing strategies

Marketing is the secret sauce to flourishing in real estate.

I’ll share what’s working in today’s market and how you can leverage my strategies in your business.

There are no cost methods which are great to get started finding deals.

I’ll also talk about leveraging other forms of marketing like software & direct mail that can help you reach more motivated sellers and find more lucrative deals.

3. Create Long Term Passive Income

I’ll also touch on how to leverage income from “finding” real estate deals into creating passive income.

Did you know that real estate was responsible for 75% of all millionaires created in the last 10 years? (According to the Global Wealth Report 2021)

Passive income Definition: “Earnings from rental property which a person is not actively involved.”

Also known as “Mail Box Money”

Jeff will share his exact steps and strategies on how he built up his real estate portfolio so that if he stops working his real estate income exceeds ALL of his expenses. That means financial, time, and location freedom!

Real Estate God's Way MASTERCLASS