Launching Your Christian Business: A Comprehensive Guide for Faith-Based Entrepreneurs

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What’s the best way for a follower of Jesus to start a Christian business? This question is at the heart of what we do at Kingdom320: equipping and empowering Christians to build profitable, scalable businesses to fund God’s Kingdom. There’s never been a better time to create and scale a Kingdom-minded company with the technology […]

5 Principles To Christian Financial Planning: How To Manage Your Money God’s Way

christian financial planning strategy

What is the best approach to financial planning for Christians? As followers of Jesus, we have a powerful responsibility to be the best possible stewards of the abundance God gives us, especially our financial abundance. Having a robust financial plan is key for reaching your financial goals and being a great steward. Christian financial planning […]

5 Bible Verses about Investing for Successful Christian Business Owners

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What does the Bible say about investing money? While the words “stock market” or “NASDAQ” don’t appear in the Bible, there is no specific command in the Bible that says not to invest. What wisdom does the Bible give about how to leverage our financial resources and abundance through investing? As stewards of God’s blessings, […]

Faith-Based Investing 101: A Guide for Christian Investors 

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Faith and finances can intersect in a powerful way through faith-based investing. All throughout the Bible, we see instances of people wisely trading money, purchasing and selling goods, and increasing their treasure. Jesus even spoke of the man who gave his servants talents, and the wise servants doubled their talents through trading (Matt. 25:14-30). There […]