Faith and finances can intersect in a powerful way through faith-based investing. All throughout the Bible, we see instances of people wisely trading money, purchasing and selling goods, and increasing their treasure. Jesus even spoke of the man who gave his servants talents, and the wise servants doubled their talents through trading (Matt. 25:14-30). There is a powerful wave of Christian investors who see God working through our investment portfolios using faith-based investing.

What is faith-based investing? How can you align your investment decisions with Christian faith? We’ll explore how faith-based investing is changing the landscape. You will know exactly how faith-based investing can influence your financial future, the values and principles of faith-based investing as a Christian, and how to create your faith-based investing strategy.

What is Faith-Based Investing?

Faith-based investing is the intentional act of deciding where to invest your money in alignment with your faith values. As Christian investors, we have a profound opportunity to take bold action with how we spend and invest the money God gives us. The stock market, real estate, private equity, and other key investment opportunities are limitless arenas for our faith to make a difference.

For the sake of clarification, we believe Christian investing and faith-based investing are synonymous because we are not at the whim of other religions or world beliefs. As followers of Jesus, Christian investing is the only faith-based investing we believe is worth pursuing.

Faith-based investing happens when we have a God-guided conscience about what and where we invest. Does a company’s values and reputation whose stock we want to buy align with our Christian faith? If the CEO is a notorious cretin who endorses behaviors and causes like abortion advocacy, illicit drug use, and infidelity that directly contradict the Bible, is that company worth your investment? Would you be proud to stand before Jesus someday, knowing He disapproves of supporting that lifestyle?

We are Christians first, Christian investors second, and we are growing in influence and momentum by using our faith to fuel a powerful wave of momentum in the financial landscape. When it comes to Christian investing, though, what are the key criteria to follow?

What are the Values and Principles of Christian Investing?

There are three core principles and values at the heart of Christian investing:

  • Christian investing adheres to God’s priorities
  • Christian investing supports God’s kingdom
  • Christian investing acknowledges God’s plan

As a faith-based investor, you’re free to have additional criteria to consider, but these three principles are essential to Christian investing. Let’s take a deeper look at each of these principles for a better understanding of why they matter.

1. Christian Investing Adheres to God’s Priorities

“If then you have not been faithful in the unrighteous wealth, who will entrust to you the true riches? And if you have not been faithful in that which is another’s, who will give you that which is your own?” – Luke 16:11-12, ESV

What matters to God? Why is God blessing you with financial abundance? Because He wants you to fund what matters to Him around the world. God wants Christians to stand against woke ideologies that are destroying families, eradicate trafficking, and push back against eroding values and threats to our God-given freedoms. Investing in line with our faith means God’s priorities are where we’re called to invest.

2. Christian Investing Supports God’s Kingdom

“His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.’” – Matthew 25:21, ESV

How are you able to fund God’s kingdom through Christian investing? God has a plan for growing His Kingdom here on earth, bringing abundance and growth that can help make His Name more known. God has a plan for how He wants to see your money grow before it ever arrives in your account. As a steward of these financial resources, you can trust faith-based investing to further fund God’s Kingdom growth for His glory.

3. Christian Investing Acknowledges God’s Plan

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” – Ephesians 2:10, ESV

Is God sovereign over your life? Then, He already has plans for how your financial abundance can contribute to His overall plan. What’s God’s plan? The more you seek to understand His sovereign plan for your finances, the more you can align your investing for His use. Investing without the lens of Christian values and God’s ultimate plan runs the risk of misappropriating financial abundance.

Create your Faith-Based Investing Strategy in 3 Simple Steps 

The million-dollar-plus question is: How do I get started with faith-based investing? As a Christian investor, there are plenty of opinions about how others want you to direct your investable assets. However, there is a simple three-step strategy that gives you the flexibility and ownership of your investment decisions through faith-based investing.

1. Define your goals and values: What are the faith values and principles that you see clearly outlined in Scripture? What are the different approaches or investment styles that align with Christian values? Whether you choose dollar-cost-averaging (DCA), buy-and-hold, REIT, or another investment strategy, how does that strategy meet the three core principles of Christian investing? Your investment strategy should align with Christian values while also meeting your detailed, written financial goals.

2. Expand your education: Whose voice do you trust to help you gain wisdom about faith-based investing? At Kingdom 320, we hold education and mentorship for investing in a high regard. Start exploring our library of resources and do your due diligence about key investment opportunities and strategies. Education also includes connecting with other like-minded Christian investors to magnify your investment power. One great opportunity to learn about investing and connect with like-minded investors is through our upcoming training “Real Estate God’s Way”. You can learn income-scaling skills to further accelerate funding for God’s Kingdom.

3. Consider diversification: Ecclesiastes 11 talks about the wisdom of dividing your wealth into multiple ventures. As you start faith-based investing, diversifying your investment portfolio can decrease risk and give you a greater likelihood of growth over time.

It can take time to create and nurture a faith-based investing strategy. With patience, you will see how your investment is aligned with godly principles that God will bless.

Faith-Based Investing: Commonly Asked Questions

“But what about______ when it comes to faith-based investing?” Of course, you have at least a few questions, especially with a topic as personal and powerful as investing money. Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about Christian investing.

Is it OK to Invest as a Christian? 

Not only is it permissible for a Christian to invest, it’s encouraged throughout the Bible! The woman in Proverbs 31 is applauded for her ability to wisely trade her wares, buy goods, and make a profit. Jesus shared a parable about servants entrusted with talents who faithfully doubled their treasure for a reward (Matt. 25) Wise investing is one of the most powerful ways a Christian can be a faithful steward of financial abundance.

Does Faith-Based Investing Work? 

There is no guarantee that faith-based investing will generate greater returns than standard investing practices. As with any investment decision, there is a built-in element of risk and uncertainty. Doing your due diligence and wisely discerning which investment opportunities seem to be the most likely to succeed in a God-honoring way is crucial. Knowing a financial professional who aligns with your faith-based investing strategy can help you better understand different investment opportunities and their inherent risk and prospective rewards.

What is Biblically Responsible Investing? 

Biblically Responsible Investing, also referred to as BRI, is a formalized investment approach used by financial professionals that’s guided by a biblical perspective and priorities. BRI investments directly contrast what many Christian investors refer to as ‘sin stocks’ – investments that are antithetical to biblical principles and values. Kingdom 320 has a strong biblically responsible investing strategy that emphasizes real estate investing for future growth.

What does the Bible Say about Investing in Stocks? 

The Bible does not explicitly mention stocks or the stock market. However, the Bible does give clear support for leveraging investment opportunities to grow God-given wealth. The parable of the Ten Minas in Luke 19 gives a solid example that investing is not only permissible but encouraged and healthy.

The principle we see most present in faith-based investing is the calling of faithful stewardship. Is it better to bury your wealth in the ground, like the foolish servant did in Jesus’ parable of the Ten Talents, or is it better to invest with wisdom and grow your wealth? Investing in stocks and real estate are two of the most evidence-backed ways to grow your investment portfolio.

Start Faith-Based Investing Today

You have a powerful opportunity to amplify your God-given financial abundance through faith-based investing. You now know what Christian investing is, its key biblical principles, how to create a faith-based investing strategy, and some of the most common questions or concerns. 

The choice is yours: Do you stay with the same investing strategy that may be out of alignment with your faith? Or, do you make the conscious decision today to say “Yes!” to what God’s doing through wealth around the world? Kingdom entrepreneurs and Christian investors are joining together worldwide to see how God can leverage our resources to further build His kingdom here on earth.

One of the best ways to start your faith-based investing journey is to join us for our upcoming training, “Real Estate God’s Way”. This is a high-octane session that will ignite you to see what’s possible through faith-based investing that rejects darkness, stands for freedom and truth, and shines a light on what God’s doing worldwide.

Save your spot for “Real Estate God’s Way” today!

Have a question about faith-based investing that we didn’t cover? Reach out to our team to start a conversation today.